Dear Team

We are fortunate to have the use of the small shop next to Cobba Corn until 31st January. It is a great opportunity to get new OSCA members, promote our Australia Day event, and talk about the Roundhouse and the well. We are putting together a photo display, and are selling raffle tickets.

A huge thank you to the management of Ocean Village for giving us this great exposure in holiday peak time. Especially to Denise who helped us last night to find the perfect spot for our Australia Day banner and has assisted us to get the shop set up. Our best wishes to Veronica who is recovering from an horrific accident.

It is also a great opportunity to invite your neighbours and friends to come and help us to open the shop as often as possible. Please forward this on to friends and OSCA/RAG helpers. It is a fun opportunity to meet and talk to the local community and find out what they want, what is their vision for Ocean Shores and its neighbourhood.

Dianne is there today, and I will be there tomorrow morning. Come and see what is happening. Children very welcome, it is important for them to learn about the history of their town.


Jan Mangleson