Council Elections Meet the Candidates

September 5, 2012 @ 8:30 am – 10:00 am
Ocean Shores Community Centre
55 Rajah Road
Ocean Shores NSW 2483
Jan Mangleson

The Ocean Shores Community Association (OSCA) has invited all candidates for the council elections to engage the communities of Ocean Shores, South Golden Beach, New Brighton, Billinudgel, The Pocket, Wooyung, Yelgun and north rural areas.

Meet the Candidates.
Date: Wednesday, September 5th.
Venue: Ocean Shores Community Centre, Rajah Rd.
Time: 6.30pm for 7pm start.

We hope you can come and let the candidates hear from a strong representation from our communities. Please send this invitation to others.

We have presented these issues to the council candidates as a discussion base for the meeting. There will also be an opportunity to ask questions of candidates at the meeting.

Summary of Issues – August 2012 – Byron Coastal North 2483

 OSCA consulted with representatives from the following organisations:
Arts East; Brunswick Area Responsible Canine Owners (Barco); Brunswick Valley Sports Association; New Brighton Village Association;  Ocean Shores Business Network; Ocean Shores Community Association (OSCA); Ocean Shores Historical Society; Roundhouse Action Group; Shores United Soccer.

Roundhouse Site:  Do not sell.  Retain for public use for cultural purposes – with a long term view to utilise for some combination of the purposes suggested. Formation of steering group to begin planning. Unanimous.

Sports fields: Purchase land at Billinudgel. Formation of steering group from community and sports  organisations to work with Council and commence planning for development of the site. Unanimous.

Stream flow management and flooding: Reduce flooding in Marshall’s Creek Floodplain Catchment. Reading’s Bay wall removal, flow restrictions in Marshalls Creek mitigated. Restore flood outlet north of Capricornia Canal.

A Town Plan for Ocean Shores and Villages:  All towns in the shire have a settlement strategy except Ocean Shores. Because of this, community requests example for the Roundhouse site, or for sports fields, or youth facilities, are generally ignored in Council’s Management Plan and S94 Plan. A local resident’s comment is typical of community belief “ the Shire sidelines Ocean Shores and the original settlement strategy, one from decades ago was not completed”.

Youth Activities: No facilities for teenage residents. Ocean Shores needs youth centred activities / programs areas – important to include a skate park and BMX track in sports planning. Surf club on council land at New Brighton. – “probably the most achievable and most effective action in support of youth and visitors that we could look forward to”.  “Playgrounds! more locations and more facilities in each playground.” Fins Building on river.  Negotiate with the State Government to acquire the building.  Ideal site for a youth centre and Marine College.  Community group already working to achieve this outcome.

Social Inclusion: Senior residents are not well catered for. Walk and bike paths are needed,  especially along the river. Picnic areas with BBQs.  Any other facility that might encourage people to go out and meet face to face.  Subsidised bus fares.  A need to allocate more public space in the town and village areas to allow people to get together, enhance their sense of community and generally improve their well-being. Retain and protect beach off lead dog exercise areas.

Economic Planning Inclusion: The town of Ocean Shores is often omitted from council planning documents and publications. A fair share of council expenditure to 2483 North in Council’s  Management Plan and Budget.  Recognition of Ocean Shores as the largest residential population base in the shire.  Public release of population figures for each town from 2011 Census.

Economic Development: Ocean Shores is a major residential and economic area (including visitor industry / services) in the Byron Shire. Support for small business.  Many businesses are single operator and home based. Support for major businesses providing employment for residents. Importance of Billinudgel Industrial estate.
Tourism:  Recognition of Ocean Shores as an important visitor tourism area.  Revise all tourism documents to include Ocean Shores for overt consideration in visitor planning. Plan for future tourism accommodation at the Roundhouse site.

Heritage and Local History: Implementation of Council’s Heritage Strategy, especially for Heritage listed Roundhouse site, and Billinudgel village.  Restoration of the Roundhouse well as an important local artefact would provide a focal historical site for school education and tourism.

Transport: Light rail, bikeways/pathways, public transport urgently need to work with state and federal governments to provide transport facilities.

Footpaths: Completion of Rajah Road footpath from shopping centre to bridge.  In Ocean Shores South, there is an obvious need for footpaths and bikeways, especially along Orana Road and Balemo Drive.

Creative Arts Industries: Painting, poetry, music, performance, film, new media and others.  Council dedicate Roundhouse site for a creative arts precinct.  Byron Shire Council has no public arts facility.

The State of Infrastructure in the Ocean Shores District: – fix the potholes, commence a comprehensive timetable in Council’s management plan to repair the road base especially on Rajah Road and Orana Road where oversize semi trailers access supermarket. Roundabout at Yengarie Way/Kanandah Court crossroads. Widen traffic bridge at Kolora Way, North Ocean Shores.

Specific requests from community organisations:

BARCO: (Brunswick Area Responsible Canine Owners) with 452 members, all of whom own one or more dogs as well as other companion animals. 63% of people in Australia own a dog. The NSW North Coast percentage is higher.

1. Other off leash fenced dog exercise areas in the shire.
2. The lengthening of Brunswick Heads off leash beach exercise area, currently 400 mtrs.
3. The re-establishment of the Council Companion Animals Committee
4. BARCO stands for responsible dog ownership, more money in the budget for compliance purposes, especially for council rangers.

New Brighton Village Association:
Festival policy and in particular candidate’s position on the Splendour festival in regards to its approval, and their vision on how impacts from this festival on our communities may be mitigated through Council action.
Coastal zone policies – candidate’s position on planned retreat and beach management strategies in response to climate change.
“Please include “CSG”.  We suggest that as we have just been mapped we should really know what the council thinks as the State Government will be releasing docs soon.”

OSCA – Ocean Shores Community Association:
Health Facilities and Services.  Important to support entire Brunswick Valley community in need for doctor supported late night emergency department services at Mullumbimby Hospital.  Support for Byron Shire Central Hospital at Ewingsdale to be placed on the State Capital Works program.  New hospital facility will be 7 minutes drive from Ocean Shores South motorway onramp.
OSCA supports the purchase of 80 acres of land at Billinudgel for use as sports fields for the district.  Proceeds from the sale of Lot 107 to be included in sports fields budget.

Please add your comments, questions and suggestions below for everyone to consider (attack of others will be deleted).

  2 Responses to “Council Elections Meet the Candidates”

  1. Dear Roger,

    South Golden Beach Community Association would like to distance themselves from the OSCA Summary of Issues Paper dated August 2012.
    We believe in some of your points, but where under the impression that this paper would be sent out as a draft last week for all groups to check so that all information was correct and not misleading.
    We also note that our questions to candidates have been put on the last page as a request and not an item. Which again we where under the impression that all issues where going to be treated equally.
    We also ask that our names be taken of the website that Jason Larsky has set up immediately.
    Thank you for your co-operation in these important matters

    Kathy Norley
    SGB CA

    • Hi Kathy

      My sincere apology for not getting a draft out to the groups before hand.
      I look forward to your questions directly to candidates tonight.

      Regards Jason Lasky
      Vice el Presidente

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